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It’s strange to have such feelings for you,

When really and as always, I don’t have much of a clue,

Don’t want them to be true,

And also, why you?

During the daylight and with moonlight over the river,

Thinking of a glimpse in between and I start to shiver,

I don’t want to be her,

I don’t want to be where I once were.

Don’t it be love,

I put on my gloves,

As always I turn away,

Why can’t I make it stay.

I know it sounds super cliché,

But you make me feel some type of way,

And of all of the small things you do,

I catch myself during the day, where I think of moments with you

You can’t imagine me ever being sad,

I can’t stand when you get mad,

But for the first time since then,

And only because of you, I’m happy again.

I want you to stay,

but I stand in my own way,

I learned my lesson before,

You became a person I adore.

It might look like I don’t care,

But really I’m just scared,

I take what’s easy and deserve what I get,

While you go and make that bet.

Now I’m laying here,

Again, wishing to just disappear,

I sink with my bedsheets into another world,

A world where nothing is blurred.

Because with everything, I think of a hundred thoughts and right now you are 99,

While in the back of my mind I fight with a love that died,

But with you I can climb high,

Making each other smile for that moment, even though I might still live with another time.

Don’t be mad, don’t get sad,

I adore you and that’s a fact,

You make me feel important and not alone,

You carry me and I should not pretend that I don’t know.

You pretend to be happy all the time,

But I think you aren’t and I hope you know it’s not a crime,

I don’t like seeing you that kind of sad,

You have something I wish I had.

I want to hold you and I don’t,

I want so much, than sometimes I simply won’t,

Won’t take it but keep it near me,

I’m so not fair, I know, but it’s there,

But it’s easy to make you think that I don’t care.

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