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Everything but humble

Crushed walls,

Missed calls,

Behind is where I fall,

Going through never ending halls.

Your living in wonderland,

If you think I’ll understand.

Heart is aching

Hands are shacking.

Trying to calm myself down,

But please tell me how?

If I’m again so close to break,

I wish but I am too late.

The pain is big and hurts,

I do my best to keep your smell on your shirts.

But like waves,

Grief comes and goes in my own build cave.

Dreaming a lie,

Dance in the dark,

Looking for the spark,

Sometimes we fly,

Sometimes we fall,

Sometimes I feel like we’re nothing at all.

If you go down,

We go down together,

If you hold on,

I might as well hold forever,

High on the floor,

Pausing time, so close the door,

Dreaming and wanting more,

A dream in which I explore,

Explore a love that covers me,

I get back to reality,

My head against your shirt while I’m drowning in my sheets,

A lost love is what I keep,

I fell so deep,

My heart cannot stop, it bleeds.

Take me to one of my dreams,

Is there still something left for me,

I hate being close to a person but sometimes that is exactly what I desire,

I want to water my inside fire,

So come and take my hand, I don’t care if your a liar.

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