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It’s my fault that I’m so complicated

Lost in a memory and in time,

Back when I never wanted to die,

I don’t want to say it out loud,

But I feel so lonely and I’m not proud.

Going backwards in my mind,

Where I don’t see a light,

While on this earth I might walk with time,

But with no sort of pride.

I look arrogant and walk like I’m so confident,

But really it’s just a blend,

A blend of insecurities and hopeless feelings,

Feelings that I can’t explain and another version of me seems more appealing.

Sometimes everything seems just like it is,

A beautiful and yet to be found out quiz,

And I know that I could never quit,

But it’s hard to continue a quiz without the missing fit.

Some would suggest I feel sorry for myself,

And I hate how that thought sits on a shelf,

But I know that this too won’t help,

I wish I could be just like one of these elf’s.

I listen to my melody where my love is hiding,

I know it seems like it’s blinding,

But you can’t stop fighting,

Because it might be more than delighting.

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