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Spinning head

Fire open in the middle of the crowd,

Screams around got more and more


Some laughter, some shout,

Zoning out, wondering what life is about.

Hopes up high, hopes down low,

Going through moments that shape you and make you grow,

Just like the layers of an old and quite tree,

I look at myself and search for me,

I decide what to show,

But really, what do we even know?

Don’t live like the last,

Remember but don’t live in the past,

Keep up but be gentle - remember, it seems long but it runs fast,

I can’t let go, no,

Because I want to make it last.

Forever, more and for eternity,

tell her prayse to all posterity,

Where is the will if life got so still?

Feeling numb, how did I become? I used to feel like I am - but am I really strong?

One moment it’s there,

the next you overshare,

Sometimes it’s so big, sometimes so thin - so thin it got lost in the air,

They say everything happens for a reason but how is that fair?

Mighty oh dear lord,

When will I be brought to the port?

Is my line long like I feel it is - or short?

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